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Hyland Precast Inc. was founded in 1981 and is located on 6 acres of owned land in the Comox Valley between the City of Courtenay and the Village of Cumberland. Locally owned and operated by the Atkinson Family, we have extensive experience in gravel pit operations, ready-mix concrete and the manufacturing of precast concrete products. We also own and operate Coast Hydro Vac in the Comox Valley and T&R Contracting and Coast Hydrovac in Powell River, BC.

We Build Community

Our success is driven by the employees who have helped build community in the Valley. Our internal focus is to provide career growth to all employees. By promoting a great work environment and stability, we will in turn produce great products and exceptional customer service. We do this by supporting each staff member’s endeavours in the company, helping them get stable in the community and we give back to the community in meaningful ways to the staff.

“I started out in the shop in 2005 and worked my way through the entire organization. The support structure, opportunity and mentoring has got me to where I am today: VP of Operations, It has been a great career”. Chris Huber, VP Operations Hyland Precast

Our longevity and market strength is driven by our customers. We don’t just work on one job at a time, we work with other businesses to help grow a strong, resilient community that is a place we all love to live, work and play. Our relationship with our customers allows us to provide a stable work environment and to give back to the community. We thank those clients who have helped us grow Hyland and in turn provide much needed services and amenities to all families living in the Comox Valley.

“We have been working with Hyland Precast for a decade; we are consistently impressed with the quality of their precast materials and concrete supply. Hyland’s products and their customer service is outstanding. We highly recommend Hyland Precast to anyone looking for superior precast materials and concrete supply.” Cory Cameron, Cameron Contracting Ltd.

“Your project is guaranteed for success when you partner with Hyland Precast Inc. We use owned aggregate sources, local cement terminal, concrete batch plant, ready mix, precast and hydrovac trucks. For project managers looking for an exceptional experience, Hyland offers a group of dedicated owners and employees who are first and foremost focused on the success and livelihood of the Comox Valley. Because we focus on the health and welfare of our employees, this translates to great customer service and an attitude of exceeding the expectations for our clients.”

Guiding Values

The success of Hyland Precast Inc. extends well beyond our shop and trucks. We are committed to growing the business, contributing to the livelihoods of staff and partners, and providing a service to the industry in line with our values: fair pricing, quality MMCD certified manufactured products, teamwork, and contributing to the ecosystem of our community of the Comox Valley and the surrounding area.

  • ​Hyland is committed to producing quality concrete and aggregate products. We know how important quality materials are to any job so our focus is on making our products consistent so our customers can count on us.
  • ​Daily consideration is taken in all areas of our operations to be environmentally responsible.
  • Within our work environment we pride ourselves on safety first.
  • As owners, we are proud of the community we do business in and are committed to supporting our community in meaningful ways.

Hyland Concrete Services

Our unique ability to provide both precast, poured concrete with aggregate, Redi Rock® retaining walls and hydro vac services, we provide flexible and customized solutions for challenging construction and architectural projects for residential, commercial and civic applications on Vancouver Island and within British Columbia.

Hyland operates a batch plant for the ready mix concrete projects and can provide specialty, fibre reinforced, rapid setting, self-consolidating and decorative concrete. Hyland manufactures a broad range of precast concrete products including storm, waste, well waterhighway barrier, and block products.

We partner with local, provincial and national contractors, developers, engineers and others to deliver on the scope!

Our Community Commitment

The Comox Valley is going through significant growth with the recent planning and expansion of large commercial projects and public infrastructure. The saying it takes a village to raise a child, is analogous to “it takes cooperation and commitment of many to build a village”.

Projects such as the region’s airport, the continuous expansion of the CFB air force base, the Powell River Water Treatment and the current Providence Living Place, Together by the Sea are signs of a healthy, growing community. Hyland is proud to be involved with so many community initiatives. Our business is expanding in both ready mix and precast concrete, providing a long-term, stable employer for local valley residents and their families.

Hyland Precast is a major sponsor for the Cumberland Community Schools Society Food Share & Healthy Food Program.

We are also a regular contributor to the many charities in our community including sports, education, conservation  and arts.


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