If you need a design for abutments, wing walls, or retaining walls to support bridges and roads, Redi-Rock® is a robust and attractive solution for highway applications, upgrades and improvements. It installs quickly and requires a smaller footprint, making it ideal for highway projects where keeping traffic flow during construction is necessary.


Redi-Rock is an innovative, first-purpose, air-entrained wet cast large block retaining wall manufacturing system with a proven forming system, engaging training, and industry-leading engineering backup. Redi-Rock precast solutions have been supporting critical roads and bridges for over 20 years, offering engineers proven durability, easy installation and longevity. With natural stone textures, the installation looks great. Redi-Rock has been awarded USA Department of Transportation certification for use on many state highway projects.

Why Use Redi-Rock Precast Modular Blocks?

  • Engineered reinforced walls support heavy live loads
  • Reinforced or MSE walls can be built as tall as needed
  • Gravity, reinforced, freestanding and hybrid walls
  • Reduce geogrid installation errors
  • Wet cast to withstand the harshest freeze/thaw cycles and stand up to standing water
  • Ease of installation with design and analysis software
  • Geotechnical engineering software
Redi-Rock by Hyland Precast, Cumberland, BC

Hyland Precast is as a designated distributor of Redi-Rock in British Columbia. We deliver precast modular blocks to Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, Vancouver Coast & Mountains, Thompson Okanagan, Kootenay Rockies, Cariboo, Chilcotin and Northern BC regions.

Applications for Redi-Rock

Applications for Reinforced Retaining Walls

Highway and Road Construction

Improve scheduling and project management, keeping your project on time and on budget.
Utilizing Redi-Rock also minimizes road closure time frames.

Overpasses and Bridges

The wing walls, retaining walls and abutments that lead up to your bridge can be designed and built with Redi-Rock.


Redi-Rock superior aesthetics allow municipalities to create a great look throughout their infrastructure projects. Easy installation means they can use their own crews for installing Redi-Rock walls.

Redi Rock Resources

Installing the Base Course

Every contractor interviewed has one thing to say, “Get the base perfect”. Watch a step-by-step overview of this critical first step of how to successfully install.


This larger than life lego block system is designed for easy installation utilizing a wet cast system that incorporates a patented knob and groove system. It’s easy to install with machinery and a small crew, in a faster period of time.

Redi-Rock Block Library

Redi-Rock is a versatile system with various block types and accessories that make designing custom walls easy. Get block dimensions and weights for any block in the Redi-Rock block library.

Redi-Rock Block Library

Redi-Rock Transportation Gallery

Hyland Precast &

Hyland Precast and Redi-Rock offer best in class engineering and design support for commercial, civic or residential projects.

We Deliver Redi-Rock

As a designated distributor in BC, we can deliver Redi Rock retaining wall products to Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, Vancouver Coast & Mountains, Thompson Okanagan, Kootenay Rockies, Cariboo, Chilcotin and Northern BC regions.