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Hyland supplies Highway Barriers, Blocks and Curbs

With in-plant forms cast in the Cumberland concrete plant, Hyland has supplied the City of Courtenay, City of Comox, Ministry of Transportation and many other companies with high-quality concrete highway barriers, blocks and curbs.

Hyland can deliver blocks and mini blocks with a variety of textures including smooth and textured.

Advantages of Hyland Precast Road Barriers & Blocks

  • On-island production
  • Inventory available for pick up or delivery
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Various sizes and finishes available
  • Delivery Service or Yard Pick Up

Parking curbs and highway barriers are always in stock and can be delivered or picked up in the Cumberland yard. For orders or information on custom specifications call us at 1-877-797-7577 or email us at

Roadside Barriers


  • CRB H/E (690)
  • CMB H/E (810) – this item is coming soon
  • CBN Bullnose
  • CTB-1E Transition
  • CTB-2H Transition – this item is coming soon
  • CLB H/E

Parking Curbs


All blocks are available with smooth or textured face.


  • 30″ X 30″ X 60″  Full Block Regular
  • 30″ X 30″ X 60″  Full Block Flat Top
  • 1/2 Block Regular
  • 1/2 Block Flat Top
  • Bench Block
  • Transition Block
  • 20″ X 20″ X 40″ Mini Block Regular
  • 20″ X 20″ X 40″ Mini Block Flat Top