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Hyland is the exclusive distributor of Redi-Rock® for Vancouver Island, British Columbia

What is Redi-Rock®?

Redi-Rock® is an engineered interlocking retaining wall system designed by engineers, for engineers. Gravity, reinforced, freestanding, and hybrid walls come together to create optimized solutions. This unique system stacks easily, with a built-in batter and alignment lugs that all but eliminate installation error. The precast concrete blocks are durable, have incredible connection strength with built-in lift points and forklift pockets that make installation a breeze.

With excellent coverage, the randomized patterns in rock or brick finish create a stunning natural looking finished product. Redi-Rock is the simple and cost-effective solution to many construction and landscaping problems.

Redi-Rock® is a proven retaining wall system

  • Architecturally stunning precast concrete
  • Deep natural textures
  • Multiple colouring options
  • Dozens of variations and options available to customize your project
  • Proven engineering and support
  • Tall gravity walls
  • Even taller (40′) MSE walls with the available positive connection system
  • Freestanding walls and force protection barriers
  • Columns & steps

Construction uses for Redi-Rock®

Commercial: Redi-Rock® walls are ideal for levelling lots to maximize your land use. More usable land means more parking spots, yard space and building options. Many construction companies are utilizing Redi-Rock® because with machine installation – instead of manual labour – speeds up projects and is a safer method.

Residential projects: Whether you need to create a flat space or retain soil to protect from erosion, Redi-Rock® is the perfect option. Designed to work with existing or upgraded landscaping projects this is a way to elevate your curbside appeal and solve tricky landscape problems. Click the link to Check out this beautiful property utilizing Redi-Rock®.

Water management systems: Redi-Rock® walls help protect shorelines, create space for storm water channels and retention ponds and save neighbourhoods from flooding.

Municipalities: Redi-Rock® superior aesthetics allow municipalities to create a great look throughout their infrastructure projects. Easy installation means that municipalities can use their own crews for installing Redi-Rock® walls.

Highway and road construction: Improve scheduling and project management, keeping your project on time and on budget. Utilizing Redi-Rock® also minimize road closure time frames.

Overpasses and bridges: Wing walls, retaining walls or abutments, leading up to your bridge can be designed and built with Redi-Rock®.

For full engineering and design resources, explore Redi-Rock International resources and project ideas.

Redi-Rock® Wall Types

Gravity Wall

Gravity retaining walls are the most common type of wall. This structure heavily depends on the stone you are using and how heavy it is. A gravity model uses the mass of the stone retaining wall to resist pressure from the soil to ensure the soil stays in place. Simplicity is the core strength of a gravity wall, as it simply uses weight to leverage the soil. As this type of wall requires no geogrid reinforcement, it is a great solution for walls that need to be built next to existing structures.

Retaining walls

Ideal for residential landscaping, parks and historic sites, Redi-Rock® freestanding walls are made from precast concrete blocks, featuring the beautiful and natural texture of real stone.

Cantilever retaining wall

Cantilever walls are made from concrete and constructed in an L shape. The concrete is made to go under the soil, which is referred to as the “heel”. The weight of the soil holds the concrete structure, reinforcing its ability to hold the soil behind it. Like buttressed retaining walls and counterfort retaining walls, which include extra portions of concrete added to the bottom of the structure to provide heightened strength towards holding the soil.

Hybrid wall

The Redi-Rock® system allows all of the precast concrete elements to work together. When site scenarios demand different engineering behind the wall, a hybrid solution presents a seamless solution on the front of the wall. Engineers and mix and match blocks combining gravity, reinforced or freestanding to create on wall solution.  Or there may be a requirement to combine modular blocks with cast-in-place concrete. Hybrid walls provide design versatility.

Ease of installation

Redi-Rock® freestanding walls install with the same ease you find with Redi-Rock retaining walls—just use an excavator to stack the blocks on top of each other, like Lego blocks for giants!

Redi-Rock has done multiple studies and found that a crew new to using the product can install ~ 150 blocks in a full work day using one excavator and one to two men on the ground to help set blocks in place. This number jumps to a range of 200 – 225 blocks per day with a well experienced crew. At 225 blocks per day crews can install 1,290 sq feet of wall per day.  On the surface some products appear to have a lower unit price but with labour and productivity factored in the Redi-Rock® solution often becomes the least expensive and highest value retaining wall product on todays market.

Hyland Precast and Redi-Rock®

Hyland Precast and Redi-Rock® offer best in class engineering and design support for commercial, civic or residential projects to create a long-lasting and beautiful looking retaining wall system. Hyland Precast can provide Redi-Rock products to all of Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands and the Regional District of Powell River.

If you need help getting started call or text Jeff Buckton at 1-250-218-1104 or at

For inspiration visit: Redi-Rock Gallery

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