Private marina rebuild with Redi-Rock

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Published On: August 11, 2022/Categories: Redi-Rock, Residential Project, Retaining Walls/

There is no other place on earth as beautiful as the Southern Gulf Islands. Our client Joe owns a property on one of the Gulf Islands that needed a major update to the marina. The property had a 50 year old creosote seawall that was literally falling apart.  The solution – rebuild the entire marina with Redi-Rock®.

Existing problems to be solved

The private marina was over 30% erodes and getting worse every year. It was an environmental hazard due to the creosote leaching into the seawater. In 2003 the EU took the decision to ban the amateur use of creosote as a precautionary measure, because of concerns around the impacts of creosote on human health and the environment. The ferry wake makes erosion happen faster, now the push pull from the BC Ferries wake is something fun and interesting to look at. Up to three feet behind the old seawall was also eroded.


creosote retaining wall

Marina Redi-Rock® project scope

The plan to fix the existing problems was to rebuild using Redi-Rock® . The new wall was built in a horseshoe shape, creating the illusion of a pool which makes the ocean water around it look clearer. Lightens the whole area up with the light reflection. The old wall was dull and dark and made the ocean water look murky. The highest portion is 9 courses tall or 13.5 ft from seabed to the top of the wall. Redi-Rock® has the weight and ballast that is more than sufficient to deal with the wave energy from the tides and the ferry.

  • With this new build the project solved several problems:
  • Protects the area from tides
  • Eliminates erosion from ferry traffic
  • Removes the potentially harmful creosote
  • Creates more environmentally friendly retaining wall
  • Provides a stable infrastructure for the launch tele-handler

This project took:

  • 528 full size blocks
  • 10 half size blocks
  • 80 large caps + 1 half cap
  • 17 Tubes of 20XT Geogrid
  • 80 truck of backfill were used, mostly clay from the material dug out for the seawall
  • Two barge trips from the Campbell River Marine terminal to his barge landing on his private island.
  • 5000 tons of clear drain rock and road crush were used in this project and were barged over with the RR blocks
  • A total of 405,000 kg in Redi-Rock® blocks was used to complete the project.

Built on a bank of clay almost as hard as rock Hyland Precast worked with contractor Raj Majal from Vic City Gardens. Although this project was tricky with the existing base and the tides, the barge operators from Campbell River Marine Terminal used the Redi-Rock blocks on the outside perimeter to retain the loose aggregate. The blocks were also used at sea and during offloading to help balance the barge which worked extremely well and made off loading much easier and safer. It only took four hours to offload each barge. To speed up the project the barge operator brought an excavator and two all terrain forklifts to speed up the process. And the nature of Redi-Rock® enables faster installation then other retaining wall applications.

Quotes from the client

The clients were so happy with the results of the Redi-Rock® wall that expanded the original scope of work. A few quotes from the client.

  • “Stayed in budget, was happy with total project cost.”
  • “I was so happy I put them together with without his help I could never have pulled this project off, the timing had to be right as we were at the mercy of ever-changing tides.”
  • “This is for life! Im sure this is going to last a few life times, seriously, money well spent.”
  • “Everyone that comes here is in awe of how it looks.

All of the components of the Redi-Rock® product suite of Precast Modular Blocks (PMBs) system work together so you can mix and match to optimize your wall design. Call Hyland Precast today at 1-250-218-1104 to work with our team on developing a project plan and engineered drawings.

Project Details

Date: 2022

Time Lapse Video
Project Location: Private Residence on Gulf Islands, BC.
Supplier of Redi-Rock: Hyland Precast.
Barge Operator: Campbell River Marine Terminals
Hardscape: Vic City Gardens