Wall Types

Redi Rock® is a proven, engineered large concrete retaining wall solution that will last a lifetime. A suite of products including freestanding, gravity, reinforced, and hybrid walls along with caps, stairs and accessories come together to create optimized solutions. Redi-Rock can be built with curves, sharp corners and various batter angles. These precast concrete walls come in various textures and colors making it ascetically appealing to fit into any landscape design elements.

With our concrete retaining walls there is less reinforcement material to handle, install, and store. This translates into saved installation time and lower costs.


There are many solutions which allow for a Redi-Rock system:

  • Transportation
  • Water and storm water projects
  • Sea walls
  • Municipal applications
  • Commercial and residential developments
  • Golf courses
  • Schools and universities
  • Power industry
Redi-Rock by Hyland Precast, Cumberland, BC

Hyland Precast is as a designated distributor of Redi-Rock in British Columbia. We deliver precast modular blocks to Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, Vancouver Coast & Mountains, Thompson Okanagan, Kootenay Rockies, Cariboo, Chilcotin and Northern BC regions.

Why use Hyland Redi-Rock precast concrete retaining walls?

  • Ease of installation with design and analysis software.
  • Solid and hollow core concrete block retaining walls.
  • Engineered reinforced walls support heavy live  loads.
  • Dozens of precast modular blocks (PMBs) with patented knob and groove technology.
  • An array of complementary accessories.
  • Reinforced or MSE walls can be built as tall as needed.
  • Gravity, reinforced, freestanding and hybrid walls.
  • Geotechnical engineering software.
  • Third party testing reports available.
  • Reduce geogrid installation errors.
  • Wet cast to withstand the harshest freeze/thaw cycles and stand up to standing water.
  • Ability to retain large earth and erosion issues.
  • Above-grade wall solution, or even a combination of the two.
  • Full service concrete supplier – precast and ready mix, aggregate and Hydrovac available.

Types of large block modular retaining walls

Gravity Walls

The Gravity wall system does not need reinforcement to withstand the pressure of the earth as it relies on the mass of the blocks to withstand the force. Typical gravity walls can be built up to 3 courses high, anywhere from .45m up to 1.37m. A great solution when there is limited space for  excavation or access to utilities behind the wall is required after it is built.

Gravity Walls by Hyland Precast and Redi-Rock

Reinforced Walls (MSE)

Also referred to as manually secured earth walls (MSE). These walls benefit from the sheer size of the precast modular blocks and from stabilizing the soil behind the wall, most often with the use of geogrid or in special circumstances by use of earth anchors. The sky is the limit in terms of how high a MSE wall can be built! Reinforced walls use our Positive Connection (PC) blocks and geogrid does the reinforcing.

Reinforced Walls by Hyland Precast and Redi-Rock

Freestanding Walls

Freestanding walls make for great top-of-wall finishes or stand-alone structures of their own. With texture on two or more sides of the precast modular blocks, Redi-Rock freestanding walls are a great looking way to create an exceptionally strong force barrier suitable for most residential and commercial applications. Think driveway barrier and lot separation in its strongest and most beautiful form!

Reinforced Walls by Hyland Precast and Redi-Rock

Hybrid Solution

When a site presents multiple scenarios, Redi-Rock has the right precast product to overcome any obstacle, often by means of a Redi-Rock Hybrid wall solution. A Hybrid wall solution may take advantage of Redi-Rock’s mass extending 41″ or 60″ Positive Connection blocks to create a Cantilever style wall in conjunction with the 28″ PC blocks and geogrid for the bulk portion of the wall and finish off with either a 28″ PC Swale Top or perhaps a 2-sided Freestanding block and a 6″ precast cap as a topper. The possibilities to create incredibly strong and stunning walls are virtually endless using a Redi-Rock Hybrid wall solution. A good example is for bridges and other transportation applications where heavy live load is a requirement.

Hybrid Walls by Hyland Precast and Redi-Rock

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