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When it comes to creating cohesive solutions, Hyland’s Redi-Rock® accessories allow for top-end results and a finished design. With columns, caps, steps, and signs available in textures to complement walls, precast concrete retaining wall blocks is a one-stop shop for wall applications in all settings. At Hyland Precast our popular natural looking finishes are ledgestone and cobblestone finishes.

Redi-Rock has focused on providing great-looking, structurally-sound walls since they launched in 2000. By using real, natural stone to craft the appearance of natural stone textures – as well as providing a smooth texture – Redi-Rock walls won’t just hold back the earth, they’ll hold people’s attention. Be sure to check with your local manufacturer about product availability in your area.


  • Using Redi-Rock natural stone texture concrete steps have a natural look and texture but are easier to walk on then natural stone because they have a consistent height and dimensions.
  • Redi-Rock stairs are versatile as you can build straight or curving staircase that looks like natural stone.
  •  Construct and install 2 or 20 steps with ease. There is no limit and the elements such as steps, caps and blocks can be used to create amphitheatres, sports viewing areas, or unique spaces where the footprint may be limited.
  • Finishing the project is easy with Redi-Rock caps on a retaining or freestanding wall. These concrete blocks are textured on three or more sides for a complete finished look.
Redi-Rock by Hyland Precast, Cumberland, BC

Hyland Precast is as a designated distributor of Redi-Rock in British Columbia. We deliver precast modular blocks to Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, Vancouver Coast & Mountains, Thompson Okanagan, Kootenay Rockies, Cariboo, Chilcotin and Northern BC regions.

Applications for concrete caps, stairs, seats, columns, signage accessories

Concrete seat walls

Redi-Rock freestanding walls topped with Redi-Rock caps are a great option for seat walls. These work great for backyard fire pits, playgrounds, sea walls or seat walls for huge developments like sports stadiums and university or school campuses.

The various finishes are natural in color and texture and create a finished designed look.

Create signs and gates

Signs and gates are easy to design using Redi-Rock columns and caps. Check out the construction details for how to wrap them into your designs and to install them on your projects.

Use columns for fencing

Creating a fence using Redi-Rock column blocks is really simple. You can even tie the whole structure into a retaining wall to create a barrier.

Redi-Rock Steps & Columns Gallery

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