Precast and Ready Mix Concrete Is LEED Green

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Published On: March 28, 2014/Categories: Precast Concrete, Ready Mix Concrete/

Concrete Achieves LEED Certification

Sustainability is what drives LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the set of green building specifications being adopted by a significant and growing number of governments and large developers.   Hyland Precast Inc. and Hyland Ready Mix has the most efficient concrete manufacturing facility in the Comox Valley and works together to help companies meet their LEED certifications.


It starts at the beginning of the process.  Specifically, Hyland produces our own aggregate products from our onsite gravel pit compared to our competition, which must truck all of its aggregates to its batch plant.  Consequently, we are able to significantly reduce our carbon footprint with the production of ready mix concrete by eliminating the trucking of these supplies thereby eliminating the related carbon emissions.

Precast Concrete

We are also the only producer of precast concrete products in the Comox Valley, in addition to the advantage of our concrete production we are able to minimize the trucking distance to deliver  in the Comox Valley thereby maintaining the lowest carbon footprint of any island supplier.  Precast concrete components can help construction companies and developers achieve as many as 21 of the 26 points needed to achieve LEED certification.

Energy Efficient

Hyland also incorporates environmentally friendly and energy efficient practices in our everyday work.  We are a  member of the BC Road Building Association as well as the BC Ready Mix Association.  By being members of these groups we are kept up to date with ever-changing ideas and demands of environmentally conscious efforts and “Leed” ideas for today’s building future.


Concrete’s inorganic composition makes it ideal for recycling.  Hyland works hard to recycle our concrete and aggregate waste.  Our on-site precast shop is able to recycle all returns and leftovers by utilizing what would have been wasted into our daily mould pours.  We also recycle any aggregate that is leftover in our wash ponds and re-screen them in our screening facility to produce more aggregate.

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Thank you to the Hyland Team

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