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Gravel Types

Pit Run Gravel

Unmanufactured gravel with rocks up to 12”, but typically 6” and less. It is used for a base for roads and driveways and should be placed in layers 12” thick or more. Pit Run gravel must be machine levelled.

Screened Pit Run

Compacts better and is easier to work with than straight Pit Run.

Packing Pit Run

Provides superior compaction over screened or regular pit run. It is a good product for use on any residential or commercial project.

Reject Pea

Bigger than pea gravel and smaller than Birds eye.

Pea Gravel 3/8

A round stone used for accenting perimeters of gardens and lawn areas. For use around patios, decks, gardens, play areas, pathways, pet areas, and is great for inhibiting weed growth.

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