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Crushed Rock

Rock that has been screened out of Pit Run and Crushed to size 2” minus.

Bird’s Eye Rock

This round rock can be used for decorative uses around the perimeter of homes or garden beds. Could also be used for a dog run because of its good drainage and ease on your pets feet, it is also becoming the popular choice for children’s play areas.

Drain Rock ¾ – 1 ½”

Drain Rock can be used for a multitude of purposes from decorative ground cover, helping with drainage issues, septic fields, and dry stream beds or to top planters. The larger rock can be used in areas where a leaf blower may be in use, as it won’t disturb the stone.

Oversize Rock

Available in 2”-6” and extra oversized rock 8” plus.

Navvy Jack ¾

Is a mixture of ¾” clear crush, washed sand and pea gravel and is used to make concrete.

Curb Mix ⅜”

Similar to navvy jack but with ⅜ instead of ¾ and is used for making curb concrete.

Crushed Stone ¾

Crushed stone with screening acts as a binding agent allowing the product to hard pack and stand up in high traffic areas. It is mainly used for driveways, parking areas, pathways, or anywhere you want a compact surface while still providing drainage.

Cartpath ⅜

Consisting of ⅜ coarse crushed rock and processed fine material, this product will pack up nice and hard and is mainly used for pathways, driveways or anywhere a heavier wheeled vehicle such as a tractor would need to travel often. Does not drain well.

Road Crush ¾

Used for roads, driveways, industrial yards, bedding under sidewalks and concrete slabs.

Clear Crush ¾

Uniformly graded clear crushed stone common applications are drainage, landscaping, rail ballast, and slab preparations.