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Hyland Sand


Bedding sand is a small aggregate with no large stones or extra debris, and is designed to be a dry landscaping material. Its primary use is as a base for paving and patio stones. It is also widely used for agricultural purposes such as animal stalls and riding rings.

R-Mix Concrete

Also known as coarse washed, this is used for mixing concrete. However it can also be used for levelling ground under pavers or flagstone, in a child’s sandbox or even in horse shoe pits.


Used on septic fields and sewage mounds. C-33 has been shown to reduce the rate of biomat clogging due to fewer fines in the material.

3 MM

Washed Sand is fine mortar sand that can be used for brick laying, masonry work, stucco work or for filling the joints in and around paving stones. A great product for play sand.

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