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Ready Mix Products – Specialty Concrete

Hyland Ready Mix offers a full range of concrete products. Our concretes are designed for specific applications such as driveways, sidewalks, patios, structural columns, and decorative uses such as stamped concrete.

For any of our specialty, colour, or specification concretes, our salespeople will review all requirements and pricing with you on a project specific basis. Contact our office at 250-336-2412 to discuss your needs with a salesperson.

Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Concrete cracks if it begins to shrink very early in its life. Normally, this is caused by the tension created by shrinkage. The tension concentrates itself in specific locations and shows as a crack. Fibre reinforcement effectively spreads the tension throughout the slab and helps to minimize cracking.

Fibre reinforcement is a good substitute for rolled wire mesh reinforcement. Wire mesh offers no crack control and only aids in holding the concrete together if it does crack. Fibre reinforcement contributes to controlling cracking and helps to hold concrete together after it cracks.

Fibre reinforcement helps to make the concrete “bleed” more consistently and creates a stronger impact resistant concrete surface.

Fibre reinforcement comes premixed into the concrete and helps the contractor produce great concrete surfaces from broom finish to stamped concrete without the time consuming wire mesh reinforcement process.

Contact our office to discuss your needs with a salesperson.

Rapid Setting Concrete

Hyland Ready Mix offers easy placement, high early strength concrete. This concrete allows for better utilization of form work and advances construction time. Rapid setting concrete is capable of attaining its specified strength at an earlier age than normal concrete through the use of high-early strength cements and/or chemical admixtures.

Self-Consolidating Concrete

SCC meets the demand of the most difficult concrete placements. Examples include congested steel reinforcement, plumbing, and other architectural elements.

SCC a highly workable concrete that flows through densely reinforced and complex structural elements under its own weight. It adequately fills all voids with segregation, excessive bleeding, excessive air migration (air popping), or other separation of materials, and without the need for vibration or other mechanical consolidation.

SCC reduces placement costs and improves finished form surfaces without the need for vibration by maximizing the gradation of aggregates and by using specifically designed chemical admixtures.

Decorative Concrete

Hyland Ready Mix offers a wide range of decorative concrete mixes suitable for indoor and outdoor uses offering attractive design and sophisticated textures. We also have a multitude of colour concretes for use in architectural projects. For architectural concrete, our products meet CSA C-2 Exposure (see About Concrete for more details) class for durability but are also designed for specific applications.