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General Conditions of Sale

  1. Ready mix concrete supplied by Hyland Ready Mix Inc. is to design our mix in accordance with CSA A23.1-09 1M and subsequent revisions unless stipulated by the purchaser.
  2. If the Purchaser wishes to specify his own mix design, Hyland Ready Mix Inc. is relieved of all responsibility and no guarantee as to strength, durability and suitability can be given.
  3. Air entrainment of 4% +/-1% is standard on Hyland Ready Mix Inc. mixes unless otherwise specified by Purchaser.
  4. Slump of 80 mm or greater, shall have a tolerance of +/-30mm. Slump less than 80 mm shall have a tolerance of +/-20mm.
  5. If any water or additives is added on the job site on instruction of the Purchaser (signature required), it is the responsibility of the Purchaser, and Hyland Ready Mix Inc. cannot be responsible for strength or any other properties of the concrete.
  6. Any claim for shortage of shipment must be reported to our office at the time of delivery to insure prompt service and investigation.
  7. Delivery to the job site is limited to our truck being on the nearest public travelled roadway. Should the purchaser request delivery beyond this point, suitable and safe approaches are to be provided. Hyland Ready Mix Inc. drivers are under orders NOT to attempt any unsafe, or in their opinion, potentially unsafe, approach to the job site.
  8. Terms: Payment for Hyland Ready Mix Inc. account holders are net 30 days. Non account holders are required to pay prior to delivery of product.
  9. This company will not be responsible for concrete or the finished concrete product if concrete handling and finishing methods other than those set out by Hyland Mix Inc. are used.
  10. The use of ice melting products is strictly prohibited on the concrete surface for a minimum period of one year.
  11. 10 minutes per cu/meter free unloading time allowed. Excess loading time charged at current hourly rate.