Landscaping potential utilizing Redi-Rock to blend with natural environment

T&R Contracting, Powell River
Published On: July 23, 2020/Categories: Redi-Rock/

This is always a popular time of year to be getting full swing into home landscaping renovations and upgrades. This time last year Hyland in conjunction with Terratech Excavating based out of Nanaimo, BC build an intertwining Redi-Rock retaining wall system on Sprout Lake in Port Alberni.

Redi-Rock® harmonizes with the natural elements

“According to Redi-Rock® employees at Hyland Precast, Jim and Gerry have an eye for detail and it certainly shows in this project. They are never happy with boring straight walls and always push the limit of what Redi-Rock® is capable of. They have an unparalleled ability to turn a customers dream into reality.”

Using Redi-Rock® in Cobblestone finish allowed Jim and Gerry to work with the natural curves of the property to build something special for their customer. Tying together Redi-Rock® stairs and Cobblestone elements together with natural rock features further blends this one of a kind masterpiece into the scenery. Incorporating a long winding staircase, down to a second tier for a fireplace area makes for a beautiful entrance to the sandy beach and dock area.

Creating space to erosion control, Redi-Rock provides flexibility and durability

Redi-Rock® retaining walls are perfect for any project you have in mind for your home. They integrate with other Redi-Rock products, providing a coordinated look to your landscaping and come in awesome textures to match any aesthetic you need. Plus, getting started with Redi-Rock is as easy as 1-2-3! Redi-Rock® comes in various finishes including Ledgestone, and  Cobblestone.

Still having a hard time envisioning how a Redi-Rock® wall would work in your yard? Check out these photos of the Sprout Lake Installation for inspiration. Just beautiful.

Redi-Rock Stairs Redi-Rock Cobblestone Redi-Rock Kingstone Finish