Redi Rock: A proven solution for your retaining wall

T&R Contracting, Powell River

Retaining walls are important for both residential and commercial projects. They improve the cosmetic look of your yard, stabilize or level out properties, hold up the roads you drive on, protect your town from flooding, and safeguard bridges from erosion. You expect a lot from them and now they’re even easier to create and install.

Bigger is better with Redi-Rock

Redi Rock uses a Lego® like system to build non-reinforced retainer walls that are up to 50% higher than traditional systems. Bigger is better when it comes to holding back the earth and these blocks are strong enough to last a lifetime. Made from real stone, an excavator is used for fast and easy installation, minimizing the amount of labor required. Did you know that the 60” middle block weighs the same as a corvette?

This engineered solution allows the entire structure to interlock with each other to minimize excavation on site. Aesthetically, Redi-Rock products are cast to look like ledgestone, cobblestone, or limestone and Hyland Precast can help you choose a color to fit your needs.

Gravity Retaining Walls

For the majority of applications, the blocks are so large and heavy that they simply have to be stacked on top of each other to construct a gravity wall. If you have a taller wall or require reinforcement, Redi-Rock provides additional products to create a positive connection system.

Expect to pay more per square foot when you’re looking at block price but remember that you will save on labor, excavation, backfill, reinforcement needs, and freight costs.

Redi-Rock used for the Audi dealership, Halifax, NS

In 2014, the Audi dealership in Halifax needed improvements. There was a large, 35 foot grade change on a small site, making the dealership look ugly and difficult to showcase inventory. Redi-Rock retaining walls created three separate levels, allowing a much better customer experience and more land usage of the site.

Need a retaining wall for your residential or commercial site? Redi-Rock is an engineered retaining wall system that looks great, is easy to install, and will stand the test of time. Hyland Precast can provide you with more information about the different kinds of blocks that are available, construction details, design charts, infill weights and testing data. As the exclusive distributor, we can also refer you to a qualified Redi-Rock installer in your area.

If you need help getting started call Brennan Day at 1-250-702-1987 or read more about Redi-Rock.