Redi-Rock solutions for beautiful residential installations

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Published On: July 31, 2017/Categories: Redi-Rock, Retaining Blocks, Retaining Walls/

Redi-Rock’s line of precast retaining walls offers fully integrated solutions, including retaining walls, parking barricades, and fencing options. Fast installation and improved aesthetics over standard retaining block walls puts the product head and shoulders above all other options. Walls are fully engineered to ensure even the toughest engineering requirements can be met, and the Redi-Rock team offers excellent design and engineering support throughout the project phases.

With multiple hold-back options including standard batter gravity walls, set back walls, and MSE walls with integrated geotextile mounting points, Redi-Rock has the solution for your project.

Redi-Rock for residential fence, gate, garden, pools or retaining walls

Redi-Rock offers numerous solutions for the residential market. In addition to the standard Redi-Rock line of retaining blocks, the Free Standing series offers fence, gate, and garden options. Using the same basic Redi-Rock design, these easy to install products are built to last, and come in numerous texture and colour options. If you have a grand garden design in mind, Redi-Rock is the product for you. Using the big-block concept, Redi-Rock reduces labour costs and offers improved durability over time compared to small-block options. Contact us to discuss options for your dream garden!

Redi-Rock available from Cumberland and Nanaimo

The Redi-Rock line of products offers our customers extreme flexibility in design, from simple aesthetically pleasing retaining walls, all the way through to full garden terraces with planters and fences. With so many design options available, and the support of Redi-Rock engineering and design standing behind the product, we can make your dream project a reality. Hyland Precast is now manufacturing Redi-Rock blocks in our facility in Cumberland, as well as the former Nanaimo Precast facility, which allows us to service the entire Vancouver Island marketplace, while maintaining competitive delivery costs.

Brennan Day has recently joined the Hyland Precast team as Precast Sales Manager for the Redi-Rock line. Having worked on large engineering and design projects domestically and internationally, he understands the value Redi-Rock brings to the Vancouver Island marketplace. With amazing flexibility in the product applications, and strong engineering data and support, Redi-Rock spans the gap between residential and commercial seamlessly. Brennan says, “Redi-Rock is a great product at a competitive price that’s hard to beat, and the end results are works of beauty compared to more traditional retaining wall options. I’m looking forward to working with the Hyland Precast team to help design and build superior quality projects on Vancouver Island!”

The Redi-Rock Design Resource Manual is available for download and provides more information about the choice of blocks, construction details, design charts, infill weights and testing data.